Internet dating voor dummies

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Okay, so maybe he is feeling a little bit betrayed that his oldest and longest friend couldn’t even be bothered to send a text saying, “Hey Guk, I have a boyfriend, just thought you should know xoxo.” God, this is so annoying. There's an off chance Taehyung might run into that “boyfriend” of his and Jeongguk's not going to instigate that. He knew he’d raise a fuss about it someday, even if it came six years too late. Jeongguk can feel his own toes curling and his face heating up just hearing the words. This asshole actually asked him, him of all people, —okay. Maybe his phone really is just acting up, god knows he’s dropped it enough that it shouldn’t be still alive and functioning at this point. I’ll be gentle with it,” he tries, all the way in Taehyung’s personal bubble now, using his ultimate weapon against him. ” “Dammit.” Jeongguk groans when he sees Taehyung took his phone with him.

(Conveniently ignoring the fact that Jeongguk turned him down using the words "Prom? That is the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever said," this is still not okay, OK?

And then his brain promptly stutters to a pitiful, grinding halt. In fact, Jeongguk has a carefully monitored list hidden within the deepest bowels of his computer archives that details just how impossible it is for Kim Taehyung to acquire a boyfriend in his lifetime.

A list that may or may not include scientifically-proven reasons such as Kim Taehyung is ugly, Kim Taehyung is weird, Kim Taehyung likes vanilla better than chocolate and perhaps most importantly, Kim Taehyung has only ever liked Jeongguk.

” Jiminie @youngbaefan88 @iamthebest01 I can hear you lying over the internet guk, give it up Your President @[email protected] @youngbaefan88 @rapgod94 @hobistyle @pinklover92 KIM TAEHYUNG IS FINALLY FREE FROM JEON JEONGGUK HALLELUJAH He closes the Twitter tab irritably, scowling at his computer.

See, this is why Twitter shouldn’t have been invented.

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