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If you don’t, you still have plenty of options, many of which are listed below.Also, see how your dog responds to it over the next couple of days. And of course, treats and a ton of praise always help a pup to learn his or her name much faster, and come running when they hear it.Another way to ensure extra unique male dog names are to pick ones that relate to specific events or places in your dog’s life or yours.For example I have a friend who found his dog as a puppy abandoned behind a 7-11 and he named it, “Seven,” which is not only unique but has a special meaning tied to it.Cool male dog names ensure there will never be any confusion when calling your dog at the dog park, or when in the waiting room at the vet’s office.There are actually quite a few ways to come up with excellent ones on your own as well.

If you don’t like it, change it, even if you feel a little lazy to do so at first because the puppy already responds to it.Dogs respond much better to shorter names than longer ones.A name which is one or two syllables in length is ideal.We’ve compiled a huge list of male dog names, organized in the most commonly searched for categories with some helpful info. But first, a few tips to make sure you start out right: Remember, you’ll be saying your dog’s name many times every day and for many years to come.You’re much better off choosing a name that you personally like than one you don’t.

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