Intimidating news

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That is the democracy Malawi embraced, and we are encouraging it,” said Dausi.

He said the allegations are “mere hallucinations” by MCP because they fear defeat.

The night before the most lopsided loss of his 26-year head coaching career, New Hampshire’s Bill Herrion scarcely slept.

He already sensed his Wildcats were grossly unprepared for the 40 minutes of smothering full-court pressure that awaited them.

Are you supposed to laugh it off and continue as normal? How is BLF supposed to conduct itself in that kind of a situation when someone arrogantly insults its members?

“I can state with full certainty that there is no intimidation.Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah, who was present at the event, said the commission has not received any complaint regarding the issue, saying they deal with complaints “ when they have been lodged.” Nice Trust has since condemned the reports, saying the development was not in tandem with democratic principles and values.“In a democratic society, people are free to participate in the electoral process peacefully, without any fear and intimidation until they vote for a candidate of their choice.The parliamentary by-elections will be held in: Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency, Lilongwe City South East Constituency and Nsanje Lalanje Constituency while the local council by-elections will be held in Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency, Mtsiliza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency.NASCAR Cup Series points leader Martin Truex Jr says that the new Charlotte road course track is "unique" following the first test ahead of the circuit's debut in 2018.

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