Intimidating supervisor

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visiting this and other websites plus social media sites like Facebook, You Tube and Pinterest is a great way for you to connect with others that are going through or have gone through what you are right now.

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Even if staying in your job, or in that position in your job, requires pleasing that person you have the choice to leave.So you have to be clear with them about the expectations you agree to meet, and not let yourself get guilted out when you aren’t meeting some vague expectation you didn’t know existed.YOUR VALUE IS YOUR GREATEST ARMORThe more value you can add, the more likely that the intimidator will use their tactics to try to get more and more from you for less and less compensation or credit.Some of these intimidating behaviors include, but are not limited to, verbally abusing you by yelling and screaming, putting you down and ridiculing you in front of others along with sabotaging or stealing credit for your work.It can also include other offensive nonverbal actions like creating circumstances that limits your ability to do your job and get your work done on time or at all..

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