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When communicating with sensory/thinking (ST) people including ESTJ, ISTJ, ESTP, and ISTP personality types, INTPs should keep to communication based on facts and their direct consequences.This type of communication is fairly acceptable for INTPs on the one hand, and on the other it seems to be best suited to the way ST people think, and they comprehend it well.Is this upcoming Thanksgiving your first without your SO in your selfies?You might feel sorrow today but realize that you can feel legit love again tomorrow.

They feel the best when their categorizations turn out not only to be logically correct, but are also confirmed in real life.Although INTPs often do not have that many business contacts, nonetheless, their business communication can be fairly intense.This is explained by the fact that their colleagues (or other people working in the same field) find it important to get an INTP’s in-depth expert opinion on many professional issues.INTPs try to maintain an objective assessment, even when discussing topics relating to the finer feelings of the soul.Thus, for instance, discussions of love and lyric poetry do not elicit in them as much of an emotional resonance compared to the drive to analyze the subject of the feelings.

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