Is patti still dating john

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victim, Robin Kassner, to find out exactly what happens behind the scenes. [Bravo] followed me for three weeks and spliced and diced [the episode] into what I wasn't. I never said I wanted to have sex with him, they dubbed that in. Me and Patti were talking about sex, and they dubbed that in to the middle of my date. What did you think of Patti's visible distaste about your figure? I thought I was going on The Millionaire Matchmaker.

I knew it was going to be bad but did didn't know it was going to be that bad and a 100 percent work of fiction. They told him to be obnoxious, that it was his role. I'm not superficial, I've dated guys that are better looking than me and worse looking. They (the producers) were force feeding me alcohol. They dubbed in the two drink maximum after the fact.

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Even though they aren’t that good looking and don’t have killer bodies? Continue reading →All of you know me from the show, hear me say ‘No Sex Without Monogamy’.Of course, there’s a little playful teasing going on between David and myself. Continue reading Today, join David Wygant and I as we talk in this week’s Love Report about the power dream manifestation. What about when you have that super hot sexy dream, does it really mean you’re … Or for some of you in monogamous relationships, it’s back with maybe a whimper and a little less banging. Continue reading →Want to know why you get hit on by losers, while the quality guys stay away?Continue reading →Hey Everybody, Sorry, we’ve been away for a while. Do you wonder why the same women seem to attract the one great guy at the bar, at the dinner party, at the wedding… Continue reading →Have you been exercising for years yet have never met a man at the gym? The way they edited it, they edited like the curvy girl, theres not possible way in hell I can get a hot guy. What did you think of the show's portrayal of you?

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