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They attended each other's homecoming and prom dances, and eventually applied to the University of Texas together, too."My favorite memory in college was just being alone in a new environment with her," Brian says.There, she scored a winning look that hit her big three: "lace with beading, A-line skirt, and a sweetheart neckline that wasn't too deep." The bride hadn't spent much quality time with her future in-laws prior to wedding planning.She says she fell in love with the Lais, who fill their home with fresh flowers, as they were picking out floral arrangements at the Blooming Gallery."Having meetings almost every week gave me something to look forward to," she says.Jessica tried on at least 15 dresses before she walked into Ventura's Bridal Fashions.Neither can remember exactly how her username name wound up on his buddy list.

"Some of our guests thought the flowers were fake because they were so beautiful," Jessica says.

Brian, an economics major, lingered in Austin for a real estate opportunity.

It was their closest experience to a long-distance relationship. "After we graduated, I knew she was the one," he says.

On the big day, though, it was her groom's handwritten vows that left their 300 guests speechless. before the wedding, I locked myself in a room and played '90s love music. "The words just flowed into my head and it was perfect.

I wrote exactly what I felt, what I've experienced since Day One of meeting her until now." Even his groomsmen were in tears.

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