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We’ll wait until the movie comes out on DVD for our kids to see it (and then forward through objectionable parts). It was a mixture of good action scenes and very slow pacing. Keep in mind the next stage of evolution to the New Ager is evolution to godhood; this movie tantalizes that idea.

In short, Hollywood immorality partially spoils what could have been a much better movie. Probably the worst part of the film is the religious idea of chaos creating order—namely evolution.

There was some sexual material in it that wasn’t too bad, and there was only some mild language that I recall. —When I saw “Fantastic Four” I was surprised that most of the viewers were young children. It was a very good movie for the whole family to watch. When I went to go see the movie it wasn’t even half as bad as I had predicted. —…Remember, this is a comic strip’ adaptation for film. Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, shows too much cleavage. Overall, I deem it guilt-free entertainment for 13 and up. There were some lewd moments that insinuated nudity (concerning Invisible Girl and other times the Human Torch); however, no body parts were shown. Honestly, to expect more is embarrassingly ridiculous. —The movie did not live up to its full potential, although there are some good aspects to it. The most developed characters, Ben (the Thing) and Reed Richards (Mr. Johnny, the Human Torch, is too much of a playboy and not at all like he was originally drawn in the comics.

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