Jewish dating copenhagen

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The panoramic drive will take you to the most important sights of Copenhagen as well as the Jewish heritage.

You will walk the streets that have witnessed the miraculous turning points, hidden secrets and once untold stories of the Jewish citizens in Denmark.

A single police car, which might have been there coincidentally or as security, was parked down the street.

A museum brochure expounds on architect Daniel Libeskind’s interior space, built within an existing historic space.

The Fredericia Town Museum has a section on Jewish history Horsens – Jewish cemetery on Frederiksgade, established 1850 Nakskov – Jewish cemetery on Jodevej, established c.

It has more than 5,000 gravestones and is no longer in use.Danish Jewish Museum The Museum’s building was designed by Daniel Libeskind and opened to the public in June 2004.Its design rests on five concepts, corresponding to the five themes of the exhibition itself: Exodus /Arrival; Wilderness/Standpoints; the Giving of the Law/Traditions; Promised Lands; Mitzvah. A Torah scroll from a provincial Danish congregation at the Dansk Jodisk Museum.As it was a beautiful sunny day, we decided to take a morning canal tour, view the new location of the famous Little Mermaid, lunch on some fine Danish herring, and then search out the museum. The streets were crowded with shoppers and retail stores of all types.

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