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One sediment core was obtained from the center of Yamenqi Lake at the Songnen Plain in eastern China in August 2010 using a gravity corer.

The sediment samples were digested using HNO3-HCl O4-HF.

in the great circle, entertainment stars have a private life has always been a people.

After all, as a public figure, they in the appearance of various behavior always can easily cause netizens discussion and debate.

Contents of Ni, Cr and Cu were below the contamination level.

With the dating approach, the characteristics and polluted history of heavy metals in lake sediments were determined.sometimes li xiang to accompany daughter Wang Shiling attend some activities, let the audience every time we attend shine at the moment. followed by generous scrabble around, looking around at home and abroad.See Wang Shiling wears are almost all famous brand hanging out, don't say other, just just said she was carrying a small bag, the price can be better than guo jingjing a set of clothes. They except in the background is shown on the dress in strong, and can follow one's inclinations to go on holiday travel. See that li xiang this three rich shadow, the life of the local tyrants was evident, good weight can be like this, after all, there is no moral integrity of eating out.Just like we say today to guo couples and li xiang couples, about their life on some of the daily actions give us public impression.since yuelun wang took her two daughters Wang Shiling attending the hunan satellite TV "where dad went after the show, li xiang from the family more and more people's attention.

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