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He then sliced his own arm, and hers, and the two of them drank their own blood out of a shot glass as a tribute to a juggalo who had died.

(The pinky was put in the freezer, to be consumed later.) Then there were the two Maryland men who attempted to carve and burn a juggalo-related tattoo off of their housemate's arm in 2014, saying he hadn't "earned" it yet.

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Her sign, which she made herself, is punctuated with hearts surrounding a simple message: "Juggalos should be treated better.They are only two of the thousands of Insane Clown Posse fans — more commonly known as “juggalos” — set to descend on our nation’s capital today for the “Juggalo March on Washington.” Rusty’s apprehension stems from the fact that there is a nationalist pro-Trump event billing itself as the “Mother of All Rallies” also scheduled today at the National Mall.Anti-fascism activists already have that event in their sights and are making plans to counter-protest.Rusty is having serious second thoughts about going through with this. “The only reason I’m here is my buddy paid for my ticket, you know what I mean? “Because I would have told him, ‘Never mind, I ain’t gonna go deal with all that.A large man with wire-frame glasses and a goatee — clad in an Insane Clown Posse shirt, naturally — he's traveled more than 2,000 miles from what he refers to as “a little podunk town that’s 30 minutes from the Colorado border” to be in Washington, D. It’s not gonna turn out how you guys want it.’” That friend’s reply to the oversized Rusty was, he recalls, simple: “You’re my riot shield.” See also: Wicked Clowns Descend on Washington for Juggalo March (PHOTOS) It is the afternoon of Saturday, September 16, and Rusty is riding in an Uber to the Lincoln Memorial along with a man named Mike, who is also quite large and also clad in ICP gear.

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