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He will be sterile," describes to men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Often, their desire to be castrated stems from abuse sustained during childhood, homosexuality, exposure to animal castration during youth, or religious condemnation.However, a much smaller set of men voluntarily choose castration precisely for the side effects. Others describe themselves as sex addicts or pedophiles, desperate for freedom from their out-of-control lifestyles or lurid fantasies."I was castrated because my sex drive was out of control. I put 100,000 miles on a car in two years out looking for a thrill.International adoption rules don't make it easy for adoptees and their biological families to search for one another.But many Korean adoptees are going abroad to find their birth families and build new ties.Your language, your religion and maybe, most importantly for some, your food.That's been true for years for the more than 300,000 Korean immigrants living in Southern California.Until now, Amino executives decided when to start a new community.Going forward, any user will have the ability to try and start a new interest group.

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He can expect hot flushes like those that women have at menopause. Erections will be rare and weak, if they occur at all.

The startup, which raised its seed funding in 2014, has around 4 million active users across 92 communities.

Today the service is making a big change, one that is likely to supercharge its growth, while possibly exacerbating some of the problems services that rely on user-generated content have struggled with.

Testosterone, the principal male sex hormone, is thought to prominently contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors in the prostate.

Thus, as a way to impede the cancer's spread, many doctors recommend shutting down the hormone's primary source: the testes.

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