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I’ve met some foreign guy in some places and yes, some of them are very nice indeed most of them approach me to get to know each other.

Normally, when this guys ask me out, I always tell them to do not expect anything from me and I am not a genetic woman, I am a transwoman.

It’s been almost 2 months and I went back and try to find again, I told my self to never use a Mobile Application for dating anymore.

So I lay on my bed, turned on my laptop and went to google search, asking Mr. I have made some review on the first 3 that came up and I ended up creating an account and trying the one called , it seems legit, the website interface is very clean, Of-course I had a doubt to this website because I never tried an Online Dating Website before and I had a bad experience with Mobile Dating Application which is online too.

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You're probably wondering "How we can offer all of this for free?

Věk 37 z Frankfurt am Main, Germany Online - 6 dní zpátky TS/TV/TG Hledající TS/TV/TG (611 Km daleko) Note: Please send a message and don't use the chat - that does not work. Some of them will smile and tell me that it is okay however it’s their first time to date a trans, some of them will tell me it’s okay but they cannot date me in public, some of them will get surprise and tell me “I’m sorry, I thought you’re a girl, I am not gay” and just walk away.Most of this men that I’ve dated are first timers and does not even know how to properly handle and date a Transwoman.I started talking to them, and share a little things about ourselves like “what do we do for a living” (common yet very important question when it comes to dating to have a background knowledge about the person you’re talking to). After few weeks of using it, I noticed that this men that I’ve been talking for some weeks also NEVER asked me for a naked photos.I met most of them in person after talking online for some time, some of them has a different personality in person, some of them talks differently in person compared on how they talk virtually (I met a lot of foreign men because of this website).

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