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Meanwhile, her date looks on with a curious, almost giddy, grin. She tells me that TG is the tamer side of the fetish community.Grown, greying men are pulled around on leashes and large indomitable, statuesque women call the shots as they yank the chain and their dog-for-a-night comes cantering behind them. Her exact words are ‘vanilla gateway’ and I can’t help but feel the ‘vanilla’ is aimed at me.

If they are wearing a strapon that can be even more exciting and scary and the mind wonders into what it will be like to bent over and used in an anal session.Downstairs again we have our picture taken (the one of me and the melon) and sit down for a Tarot reading.I sense these are the more gimmicky aspects of TG and that some regulars turn their noses up at such fetish community souvenirs.Within a matter of minutes I spot costumes inspired by Mad Max, A Clockwork Orange and Right Said Fred (tight shorts, bare torsos, bald heads). Drinks downed we waste no time exploring the old warehouse, making our way past the outdoors smoking section and up the stairs to the dance floor.Ball gags hang from necks; a fella in a gas mask meanders among the crowd; and there’s enough eye glitter to make Bowie surrender the dresser table. Events in here are fairly standard clubbing fodder.

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