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"It is as dangerous to dismiss all stories as to blanket accept that they are true," O'Carroll said.Given what is often an utter lack of information, it can be difficult to tell the difference.Source: South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported in April 2014 that one of the officials in Jang's former department was burned alive, in an "execution by flamethrower." Verdict: Inconclusive.Coming so shortly after the debunked "execution by hungry dogs" story, this anonymously-sourced story in Chosun Ilbo rang alarm bells."Critical thinking just goes out the window on North Korea," NK News founder Chad O'Carroll told The World Post.

Verdict: Likely, and the reported rationale is bizarre.

However, it was not the first time such a gruesome execution method was reported.

A month earlier, undercover reporters in North Korea for Rimjingang magazine described a widespread rumor in the country that officials loyal to Jang were killed by rocket grenade, and that "the remains of their bodies were incinerated by a flamethrower." 8.

So let The World Post be your guide to some of the strangest stories of life and death in North Korea, where they came from and what we know about them. North Korea ordered male students to cut their hair like Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Source: Radio Free Asia's Korean service quoted a source inside North Korea, speaking on condition of anonymity, who described an unwritten directive from the ruling Workers Party to students in March 2014. If the recommendation was made it does not appear to have been enforced.

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