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Readers barely into their teens told us about demeaning comments, inappropriate behavior, and sexual assault by their superiors.A woman in her 60s said she'd endured harassment for more than half her life. She replied, "I think you brought it on yourself by asking them to stop.I’m grateful for Twitter, as a platform, to get everyone out and talking.It is the only way we could have had a conversation this large.

As WIRED prepared these emails for publication, men in the office expressed shock at how many women experienced repeated incidents of harassment, and how many of those incidents started when the women were teen-agers—victimized by middle-aged aggressors.“It’s completely acceptable to sneak in the sexual as long as it is shrouded in humor,” says Masters.Ease your way into the topic gradually—and keep it light. The only thing worse than the head-slamming hangover resulting from your Saturday night blackout is the pang of horror that hits you when recollecting the texts you sent the night before.When I moved in with my girlfriend, the stories she’d tell me were hard to take.She explained that that is just a reality of being a woman, that these things happen. It will be impossible to remain that way after this election."Here are 75 of the letters we received, edited for space.

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