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And if you are doing poorly, you must be a bad person.What an unjust narrative that is.”She might have recovered from her financial woes more quickly, but chose a lower-paying teaching job in a neighborhood with one of the lowest per-capita incomes and highest crime rates in the region, turning down more lucrative offers.“We had a very real conversation about supporting queer kids,” she said.“It was hard to watch all the new teachers’ faces when we talked about the need to support queer kids in states that legislate against them.”Now, 15 years sober on Feb.

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The couple has about ,000 in student loan debt.“The more I talk about our situation, the more grim it seems,” she said.They will also be near several military bases, an employment option if they cannot find full-time work, she said.Money worries are not new to Tanya, who grew up in poverty in Yazoo City, Miss., in the Mississippi Delta.She rents a small two-bedroom home on the northwest side of this city, and the only luxuries she allows herself are a 2008 Jeep Commander and a 60-inch 4D television with a stereo sound system.My goal wasn’t always to be filthy rich, but it was to have some financial freedom mentally and emotionally … “I feel like I have been holding my breath for years in some capacity, waiting to feel like I can breathe and not worry about money.

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