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I appreciated her kindness no end - and thanked her profusely for it... His birthday was the other day and I just wanted to be with him. school hallway, I held on to my best friend, or whom I thought was my best friend, until one day I found out she never took my as a friend.

and i just really want to at least try to keep in contact with people that have similar interest or feel the same way i feel I'm so lonely and unhappy its so hard for me to trust someone but i also want to be able to I never thought I would be one to post this story....considering I always believed myself to be alone by choice, but that was a falsified damnation that doomed me into years of denying the truth that I was lonely in my endeavors, lonely in my longing for companionship, lonely in... If someone asks you how you’re feeling and you say fine, although a bit lonely, be prepared to have them either laugh at you, berate you, ignore you or turn away. I was always the one to apologize first, but now, I don't care anymore.

What makes you laugh, what ****** you off, what went wrong with your relationship .... I heard about this experiment that was conducted once, in Germany. to fly just once so free, before the end alone to be.

This lonliness....sometimes, I SWEAR I'm dying from the inside out.

I'm hesitant to meet new people because I end up getting used or hurt, which affects my child. He is very controlling and wont let me have a life. we live in a world full of 7 billion people and can't even turn to one person, it's terrible...everyone... my days in my room in my parent's apartment and the only things I feel like doing to keep my mind occupied are my computer games and the internet, and also reading.

After I finished the approximate amount of days and meet all the requirements the School Board saw my medical records and discovered my...

I'm not sure why I'm doing this or what I hope to achieve.. The models on your playboy magazines, in movies, the ideal of slim and perky; they are not a true reflection of women.

Simply considered as online meeting people, it makes a ton of sense.

I’ve already expressed my argument for why in two posts: one on how critical it is to find the right life partner and how seriously we should take that quest, and another on why going to bars is a terrible life experience.

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