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No matter our age, we want to be with someone who will live a long healthy life.Back in the day, when marriage was about having a partner to help run the farm and procreate before love stepped in to complicate marriage, men looked for signs of fertility in women – rosy cheeks and wide hips.

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Men Looking for Younger Women Biologically speaking, we are all hardwired to seek out the most youthful, robust partner.But a real man, one who wants a relationship with a solid amazing woman over 50, will look at your email and profile and think, “This woman looks and sounds amazing.I want to get to know her.” This won’t happen with every man you write, but I suggest you ignore the age demographic online and write anyway.I know it is confusing and at times insulting to think that you are excluded from meeting men in your age range just because they want to meet younger women.If it’ s any help, it’s very likely that a woman who is in her 20’s or early 30’s would also rather date a man her own age too!

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