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One such notable time was when they believed they first met Mutsumi (they are actually all friends from childhood) on Naru and Keitaro's trip to Kyoto. Being very empathetic to others Mutsumi often puts others happiness before herself.She can also be comically clumsy at times, another trait like Keitaro.In both manga and the anime, Mutsumi is very intuitive and has a keen eye for details, noticing things her friends do not, such as but not limited to, being the only one to know that Pararakelse island was on the opposite side of the international dateline which meant Keitaro would still be able to send his letter in time to Tokyo U and thus finally be able to attend.

The main part of her character arc is that she has great difficulty in admitting these feelings, both to herself, to the hopeless Keitaro and to the world in general.Keitaro and Mutsumi failed for a third successive time, and Naru failed for the first time.Despite her ditziness, she is very intelligent and empathetic.Despite her many eccentricities she is extremely intelligent, scoring full marks in the practice exams.Yet she still fails to get into Tokyo University because, among other things, she forgets to write her name on the test paper, causing her to obtain a grade of Z, or fainting from her anemia.

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