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Mary Wickes, a tart-tongued character actress whose long career on the stage and in films extended from "The Man Who Came to Dinner" to the two "Sister Act" movies, died on Sunday at the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center. She specialized in sourness, or, more politely, acerbity, which she used to her comic advantage in roles as housekeepers, spinsters, wicked stepmothers, nuns and back-talking secretaries.

" Last year she played Aunt March in Gillian Armstrong's movie of "Little Women." Ms.

While there are biographies of almost every important film and TV star, and even a few books that lovingly chronicle the lives of character actors (like, say, Peter Lorre or Warren Oates), who briefly or nearly became stars, Taravella’s may be the first serious account of the life of an actor whose name never appeared above the title.

The secret to its excellence is that Taravella approaches Mary Wickes with the same respect and seriousness as one would a Bette Davis or a Barbara Stanwyck.

Kaufman comedy "The Man Who Came to Dinner." She was Miss Preen, the nurse who became the principal object of Monty Woolley's disdain: "Miss Bedpan," he called her. Wickes repeated the role opposite Woolley (as Sheridan Whiteside) in the film version.

Years later she was Miss Preen again in a television production, with Orson Welles as Whiteside.

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