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The room was dark with the exception of a muted tube TV with a sports talk show playing the background. Alice inched into the room until she was looking around the wall and could see the whole room. Her eyes went wide at the sight of her son and his two friends standing naked in a circle, stroking their cocks. The three powerfully built young men stood there frantically rubbing their thick shafts. " Alice demanded an answer in the sternest mother voice she could muster.

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"Oh God, this hurts a little," one of the 18-year-old athletes laughed with a hint of pain. "It's not meant to be done this quickly, it's unnatural." All of the boys laughed. Her mind instantly went back to the fantasies she had been having lately.

The voices were no longer muffled and hard to hear. Due to her recent dreams and the layers of taboos of the situation, it was the sexiest thing she had seen. They all tried to cover their erections with their hands, but none was completely successful. He froze with his enticingly long cock pointed up into the air.

They were clear, and Alice began to pick up on other sounds. She could tell that the boys were standing in place and she heard the sound from the friction of skin rubbing on skin. At that moment, Alice saw her hand confidently reach for the light switch. Alice noted how it somewhat adorably had a slight curve to the left. It had a distinct odor of masculine perspiration and hormones. " Alice repeated her question as she studied his tan body up and down.

In each of the rooms she heard nothing but silence, and saw darkness under the threshold of the doors that contrasted with the light shining on the beige, patterned carpet in the hallway.

It was only at the door of 221 where she heard noise, movement, and a faint light shining from under the door.

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