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Cherokee Nation citizenship law is set by tribal law.

There is no minimum blood quantum required for citizenship.

To be eligible for a federal Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, you must demonstrate through documentation that you descend directly from a person listed on the Dawes’ “by Blood” rolls.

This group of census rolls were taken between 1899-1906 of Citizens and Freedmen residing in Indian Territory (now northeastern Oklahoma).

Harsh enduring consequences also provide little incentive for former offenders to live without offending.

Walter D., 58, unknowingly solicited an underage prostitute in 1986, for which he was jailed in Washington State.

Released from prison in 1992, he is required to register and his picture appears on the state online sex offender registry.

Walter has tried to hold down a job as a computer technician, but he has been fired at least four times after colleagues found his profile on Washington State’s online registry.

Walter has a hard time finding landlords who will rent to him, and when he has found an apartment, within weeks flyers with his registry profile, downloaded from the online registry, appear all over his neighborhood.

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