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So, if he wants to task me to do something, he'll have to go through my direct superiors (chain of command) to do it.

For your third question, there are no such particular protocols I'm aware of for that sort of thing, aside from the general idea of not fraternizing between enlisted and officer.

Well, that and the Marines are just a branch off the Navy.

The recruits are told in Basic training that a Navy officer carries the same weight as a Marine officer.

But if I want to hang out with an equivalent Marine officer, there's no protocol that needs to be followed.

"What reasoning is given for the no-fraternization rule between officers and non-coms?

The reason for avoiding fraternization between ranks is the same reason that well run business frown on fraternization between employees and their supervisors - it can create conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest that can interfere with the orderly functioning of an organization that depends on a clear cut chain of command." (or something like that) So, having never been in the US military, I was wondering... Being an enlisted soldier in the Army, I don't pay much attention to the grade level, titles, or insignia of non-Army officers.1) Within reason, does higher rank (in the same branch) have absolute authority over lower rank? It's easy to tell that someone is at least an officer of some kind and EVERY officer out ranks me so I just salute and smile.If you were Space-Aing you were probably in civilian clothes; airman no-stripe on the PA has no way to know you're a Navy guy.Being a (former) AF guy, my main concern is: "Am I getting on the flight? I would worry more about the pax load or the MX status of the jet than whether or not some overworked airman missed the fact that I was Navy!

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