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The language within Rimbaud to me was intoxicating.And I admit, at 16 years old, I didn’t always understand what I was reading, but it really didn’t matter.Oh no, when I was young we had an armory down the street that once in a while had dances, and maybe if you were lucky they would have somebody come and lip sync and maybe do one song — it might be Cathy Young, it might be Hank Ballard. But in 1965, I did save my babysitting money, I saved my factory money, and I saw Bob Dylan, I saw Joan Baez.And that would have been an incredible time to see Dylan, too. It was at Perrytown, New Jersey, or something, at a fair, and I went to see Joan Baez and she introduced Bobby Dylan. When we moved there in 1957 it was mostly swampland, orchards, and pig farms.

A lot of us who know your music have long been aware of your admiration for French literature, especially poetry — Baudelaire, the Symbolists, Rimbaud. What does French literature do that nothing else can: English literature can’t do it, rock ’n’ roll can’t do it, punk rock can’t do it … For me, when I was young, it was all about language.In 1835 a new society was founded at Champeaux's under the direction of Albert Montémont, and was called at first les Enfants du Caveau, and then le Caveau only.It still exists, and is managed by a committee headed by a president elected every year, who holds Panard's glass and Collés bells as symbols of his office.— Patti Smith has earned a considerable reputation as a literary figure as well.She has introduced books of poems by Blake and Rimbaud, published several volumes of her own verse and song lyrics, and won the National Book Award for , a slim volume that is — at once — an ode to her favorite French writers, a short story or fable about a mysterious young ice skater, and a meditation on the creative process.

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