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All of the explanation below goes back up to the top.

Please remember this whenever you're faced with a Muslim conundrum. Some Muslims outright say it 'I'm dating' and they are, in the complete boy-meets-girl-third-base sense. This entire dating culture of meeting someone for only sex, for only a short-term relationship, is not the ideal or healthiest way to go about finding a partner-in-crime.

There are also questions on child-rearing practices, such as adoption and spanking.Besides, the individual has the option to add “Your Top 21 Personal Questions to Ask Your Match,” which are pre-created questions (it is possible to use fewer than 21 and you can include your own questions as well).These questions are more specific and require complete answers.It is assumed that people joining are Muslims or are converts or reverts to Islam.Many of the questions in the tests are concerned with issues regarding preferences on Islamic practices, such as gender segregation, Qur’anic interpretations or interest loans.

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