Nathan fillion and morena baccarin dating

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because of the wildly different genres its leading characters, Mal and River, represented."Mal is a Western fellow and River is kind of Noir, so how do I reconcile them?" His mentor, film professor Jeanine Basinger, helped him steer through the block with genre-blurring movies like Brian De Palma's .5.Suffice it to say that early promos promised a zany and "twisted" sci-fi comedy featuring – among other characters – "a flighty pilot! If this isn’t a tease for a Firefly reunion, then series star Nathan Fillion may be the 2017’s biggest troll. However, it’s the caption that truly makes one wonder what Mr. What do we want to believe you talked about, Nathan Fillion? Fans cried afoul when Firefly was cancelled back in 2003, and have prayed for a continuation of the series ever since.Firefly was too interesting for one season, and a single movie.Let’s hope this message is more than simple trolling on Fillion’s part.” Glass, who played Shepherd Book, said that the show gave him the chance to experience a whole new world: the unique and surreal love of the science fiction fan community.Fillion echoed the sentiment, saying, “[Browncoats] are a very particular kind of people.

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"I said, 'Then don't pick up the show, because in my show, these people are married.'"3.Morena Baccarin's Inara remained mysterious throughout Firefly's brief run, but had the show continued it would have been revealed that she was dying.A terminal illness subplot – hinted at but unexplored in the series – had been rumored for years before Baccarin herself finally confirmed it in 2008.6.However, given Nathan Fillion’s reputation as a social media comedian, it would be best to keep your enthusiasm in check.The cast of Firefly reunited on stage at Fan Expo Dallas in Texas over the weekend, gathering in front of a standing-room-only crowd inside the spacious Dallas convention center.

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