Native american dating customs

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If the girl was interested, she would come out of her tipi to listen, perhaps sneaking a sideways glance in his direction, but not making direct contact.

If she wasn't interested, she'd ignore his song and stay inside the lodge until he left.

While Sioux fathers took the lead and had the final say in such matters, mothers did the steering, and heavily influenced the stance taken by the fathers.It would then be up to the girl to decide a date for the wedding.If a Sioux girl were interested in a particular young man, and was of marrying age, she might stand outside her family's tipi under close parental supervision, wrapped in a blanket and wait for him to come by.Mailbag Question: In the very near future, I am planning on asking a woman of mixed Sioux and Cherokee descent to marry me.Her family history is obscure but I would like to recognize her partial native american heritage by making a traditional request for her hand, if such a tradition exists.

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