Neo moon performer webcam

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The darkest picture turns the building into a near-silhouette while bringing out the blue of the sky, while the brightest image emphasizes the details of the building while making the sky look blown out. Feel free to tinker with this setting based on how you want the photo to look.

We pressed the shutter button as soon as the truck came close, and held it until the truck had passed by.Once you go into the settings menu and switch picture stabilization to Off, you'll notice your S5's camera focusing quicker than it did with the feature on.We were able to shave up to half a second off the focus time by doing this, which could mean the difference between catching a fleeting photo opportunity and missing it.To activate HDR, tap the icon, which looks like a sun and moon overlapping, on the top left of the camera interface.The S5 is one of the few phones that offer a real-time HDR preview, so you'll be able to see the difference when you toggle the setting on and off.

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