Nerve dating confessions

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I dropped my hand down and noted how excited he was.

A couple of times his hand stroked my inner thigh, and I tingled all over. Before we went anywhere, we got involved in some heavy-duty making out.

The next morning, he actually had the nerve to complain to his mother about what he thought was her behavior.

[Intro] It's your boy Lil B You know I got a lot of shit on my mind Got a lot of things I just need to talk about First off I want tell everybody I love them And I just appreciate being alive You feel me? ) They wanted me to stop But I gotta keep going I ride through West Oakland I'm near the Greyhound I put the grapes down cause these niggas like me slipping I stay with the Mac It's sorta like I'm pimping I can't speak on it But I don't condone it Live your own life and be happy for them moment Just cause you got it don't mean you own it Just cause you bought it don't mean that you flaunt it We starving at the moment Sitting in the office Another damn referral, man I see this paper often Fuck 'em if they don't understand my genius, bitch I'll be Albert Einstein times a million, bitch And I'm still saving people on a daily basis Another reason why these bitch motherfuckers hating It's Lil Boss [Pondering to the sounds of Toto's I Won't Hold You Back] I'm Lil Boss Lil Berkeley Lil B Lil Based God Lil Based Some motherfuckers even had the nerve to say Lil Bitch Fuck 'em Bitch Mob fi-yaaah You feel me?

This prompted her to speak emphatically – imparting these wise words to all, “Go out and wote”, she said, as Caymanians in the past pronounced the W as a V and vice versa.

Ebanks’ daughters Anita Ebanks and Laura Henry, and Ira Thompson’s daughters Maxine Marshall and Laverne Daykin, also shared in the special moment.

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