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Azieru, Blarlack, Confuzzledmaniac, Fuzzy Bacon, JKuang, Mr Spontaneous, Panther Shah, Rachiface, Xiatrix, and Xestrix are usually around to keep things turning and keep us from killing each other with our ninja skills. Phoenix00017 also lurks in Ninja Chat, but since he graduated to "Admin" and got his shiny K, apparently he's too good to talk to us peons anymore. Theresa C can also be spotted in Ninja Chat every now and then, but she doesn't talk much because Blarlack smells and she hates him. We once had a record mod-party with a 22mod cap, plus Phoenix00017. Never, and I mean NEVER, conquer other chats in the name of Ninja Chat, otherwise you will get a tongue lashing from Blarlack. If Blarlack isn't available, Fuzzybacon will settle for giving you an actual lashing. bobstevenson119: If Ninja Chat were a family, he'd be the one to show up to the parties (Or whatever you crazy kids believe in), eat all the food, : D mwhahahaha... If you want to Pv P at any game on kongregate that has it, then leave a message. Captain Wak: I am a marowak pirate and I am chiefly found playing games. (1) On April 8th, at Eastern Standard Time "Thay call mee Freedom Fighter" (direct quote) made his second coming as "Blarlikestheco**".

We are a great little group on Kongregate but don't let it stop you from coming in to say "hello". However, if you find someone breaking these rules, you also don't have any right to taunt or harass them.

Gmaesatr123: The only thing separating me from you is my cerebral cortex. JKuang: What do you mean I can't bring in my kittens? Jm Yeom: always on ninja chat, pops in at least once a day, friendly and badge addict :) John Leprechaun (John) Will absolutely force links to his music upon everybody, so be mean to him. Kairi_the_shadow: Ninja Chat's residential attention/camera whore. Kakashi FNGRL [Kakashi, FNG, FN, Ninja Bitch, Soy]: I'm NOT Kakashi, I am his ! Kimphin007: (Kim, Kimp, Prego, KP, Kim-E frum da hud): Known as the Ninja Bitch.

Fair As The Rose: Punch count for the year 2010: 2 Fire_Emblem8745: A regular ol' nerd willing to tackle anything that exudes the slightest whiff of "boring". (originally located between I and P, apparently...) Pants Optional. Please don't pretend to care what I have to say or I might decide you're my BFF.

Imagine a kitten head on a human body wearing a top hat and a suit coat.

Cedartown Dawg(BKA Cedar AKA Dawg AKA CTD AKA Ced AKA Cedric Diggory AKA Cedric AKA Nick AKA K-9 AKA Sexy AKA Moneybags AKA Caeser) Yea...

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