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(Photo: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office) BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Law enforcement impacts lives every single day, but Monday the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office helped out some local students in a different way.

The Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation awarded scholarships with a total value of ,750 to five deserving students.

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Criteria for the scholarship include an essay on the impact of a Law Enforcement in their life, school grades, and other accomplishments.Afterward, Emily used her connection to Nolan to make Bill Harmon believe that Nolcorp was heavily investing in All Com stock, prompting Bill to invest deeply as well.When Nolan reveals that he is actually investing in All Com's competitor, the stock prices rapidly drop and Bill's company loses billions of his investors' dollars.Following Clarke's death, Nolan picks up Emily (also known as Amanda Clarke), who was released from juvenile detention, and explains everything about her father's innocence in order to dissolve the hostility she has against her father being a criminal.Nolan's wishes were always to help Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke).

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