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I didn't think anything of it though because women are always taking way more baths and showers than any guy ever does. Some guys like to sit in their favorite chairs while they think, and other like to go for a long walk. They're in the book, and they're good." "Thanks Hop," I said hanging up.

When I look back on it now I guess I was stupid, or at least clueless. We get married because we love the other person so much that we want them to be a permanent part of our lives. We just never expect the person we pledge to spend the rest of our lives with, to stab us in the fucking back. If you're constantly looking over your shoulder and watching for the apple of your eye to cheat on you, then your relationship sucks. Trust me if you can't let your guard down around her, you don't really love her. My favorite thinking activity was washing my red Mustang GT. I'd known Hop Sing since we were kids playing baseball.

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Anyway, the next day I showed up at Sasha's school just in time to pick her up. "I'm new here but the school takes parental involvement very seriously. I knew that the PTA meetings were only once a month not every week. That means that whatever she was doing, she'd done about six or eight times. I called them and was told they'd have someone over in a few minutes, since they were located very close to my house. "My friends call me little Joe." I could see where the name had come from. On our way into the house I explained my suspicions to him.

But from the first day my little angel came into the world. "And if your wife does turn out to be in the PTA than you're covered." she said all of that with plenty of sympathy in her voice. I looked over the list of activities and finally settled on Track. "I'm not an expert, but I run every day and I've done a few Marathons." "That would be perfect," she said.

From just after I personally cut her umbilical cord and smacked her on her butt, she's been her daddy's girl. "But my wife is; she attends every one of those meetings on Wednesday nights. "They meet on Tuesday and Thursday, at 5." Sasha and I stopped off at Mc Donald's on our way home. I.s richer." "Well I told you that she wasn't cheating on you," I said.

None of that new-fangled, blame it on the parents shit for her. "I'd rather have you meet her, Mom has been acting so strange lately," said Sasha. I'm in pretty good shape from daily runs, and I love my wife and daughter more than anything I can think of. We'd been married for fourteen years, and had been spoiling our daughter for the past 10 of those.

She was curvy with a big butt and big boobs that I loved to motorboat.

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