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Not only is he my best friend he's my beautiful loving partner..Thankyou Oasis I had been on and off oasis for a few years.

When l say off, there would be periods of a few months when l just couldnt be bothered.

Had perhaps six dates all of which where pleasant, two or three resulted in second third dates. Started to realise that the photo often did not match the personality, so started to just read the my profile and went on "she sounds nice" rather than"gorr look at her" but after about two years thought enoughs enough, time to shut down.

Logged on to do just that, but had about twenty matches so thought id have one last look.

I replied back how about I send you ,500 and ask her to gimme name and address to send it to.......turn out that it was an African guys name with a Nigerian address, not the same name as what it i thought it was.

So the moral to the story is that any girl that looks to good to be true, then it's exactly that......

And since it's announced as free, it also attracts the kind of men that are "too direct".

With so many new members each month it may be hard to deal with all the customer service inquiries on time as well.

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Don't get me wrong but there are real people in the site also...to keep searching in aus the local market as you can relate to local environment etc...Although, this isn't a reflection of the website so much as a reflection on those who didn't use their brains.Anyway, use this site with caution and low expectations. oasis active i found is 90% of lyers scammers , most women want money, if dont send money they are gone to the next guy, i sent money to just try it out, once i did the girl was gone, only a handfull that are normal also most dont talk once added, they just like to fill their messenger up with contacts, lots ages are fake and photos, i went on video with a few women and they looked nothing like their photos are was way too much over weight while their pics was slim and completely different person, i dont care if they over weight , they should just tell the truth, the phone app is crap and using the website on a computer always slow , disconnects, freezes, but with saying all this, ive tried other date sites that are worse, so i will try to find a partner from that 10% if is possible .so any way I was talking to this girl from Europe for a week thinking it's a real person, I spend many hour texting only and I send so my photos of myself and my family to this person...it's all SO SCARY..only yesterday I realised it's all a scam..FAKE PROFILE....any other person I chat w from USA are Scammers......first one I met wanted me to buy a phone and send to them , second one we chat for 30 seconds and they wanted to come to my city in australia to have fun with me, and all I have to do is send 0 to show that I'm committed, third one I meet from ZOOSK dating site....we did was email for a whole week and never wanted to talk via voice call, at the end she asked me to help her out to clear some nonsense from Airport custom crap, asking for 50au ......

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