Pace of dating late 1950s dating habits

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Do other things need to happen before you can even consider marriage?Things like graduating from college, getting a job, paying off some debt, being independent from Mom and Dad, or experiencing more personal growth?There are certain things that should not be shared early in relationships, and couples who go slowly tend to use wisdom when sharing deep issues of the heart or vulnerable personal history.Dating relationships can get too complex too early when these matters are shared.Mature communication should naturally flow into conversations about expectations and boundaries.DTR conversations are successful when the "So, now what? It would be good to have specific expectations and boundaries that are agreed upon.Couples who take it slowly have social lives outside of their dating relationship and are able to stick to their previous social commitments even when their significant other's schedule all of a sudden frees up.

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As my husband and I mentor 20-somethings on a weekly basis, we find ourselves constantly telling couples: "When you think you are going slow, ?

Therefore, going slowly happens when both parties actively pursue the will of God and intentionally follow His leading.

Couples often end up going too fast in their relationship because of personal insecurities.

Family, friends, church, work and hobbies all have important roles in life.

Healthy couples continue to invest in their relationships with friends and family members and don't let their love interest dominate their social calendar.

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