Pepper dating do guys find me intimidating

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and Julius Peppers will have one HOT cheerleader supporting him.27-year-old Claudia Sampedro -- a model and star on "WAGS Miami" -- has been dating Peppers for nearly 3 years ... but Claudia is definitely his biggest accomplishment yet.Sam Pepper, a British You Tube personality and comedian, posted a series of Snapchats starring Bella.

A fan screen-grabbed the snaps and posted them to Twitter.

One last piece of evidence to show that Bella and Sam could really be a thing is that she's favoriting his tweets and liking his Instagram posts.

Obviously, that's not substantial evidence but it just goes to show that they are definitely talking and hanging out.

The actress is standing in front of a full-length mirror in comfy clothes.

The words on the mirror read, "Hello, you so pretty." AND Sam drew an arrow pointing at the words on the mirror with his own writing that said "True." It's safe to say that fans are legitimately freaking out. In a recent interview she said that there are a lot of people she hangs out with that she's not dating, especially guys.

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