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Make the right settings in your camera app Despite having a robust hardware like bigger image sensor and larger aperture abilities, it is finally the software that has to process the image to your liking.

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Says Mandy, 23, "My friends and I used this trick in college when we'd go to parties. Or here's a DIY idea: Make a visual dieting diary by snapping pics throughout the day of everything you eat. That's why your camera phone comes in handy: 18 percent of adult cell-phone subscribers use their camera phones while shopping, according to Sprint.Unluckily, it’s only visible to certain countries in the northern hemisphere, eliminating India from witnessing this mega celestial phenomenon.However, if you are planning to visit the 'lucky' countries to experience the full solar eclipse, you would surely want to capture the spectacular sight of the sun being overshadowed by the moon, especially during the corona.Strap-on lenses These are the cheapest modifications you can make on your smartphone’s camera without tampering with phone’s hardware.Available for less than Rs 500, getting one of these can help you achieve higher zoom levels, which is amazing if you want to capture the finer details during the corona stage.

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