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Morris, including a set from 1982 called, Inclement Weather.

Hanging around with Leslie Hall, soon resulted in meeting Harry O.

Le Cimmerian has a pure movie-poster effect, with that smashing red background, and the bare skin of the figures has a smooth air-brushed look, while the tightly delineated designs on the metal are all perfectly highlighted.

The first thing I noticed about Le Guerrier is the darkness of the figure, of the rich draperies, of the stairwell vanishing into shadow. Flipping through the lush images that take up most of the 320 pages, you can journey through the strangeness that has characterized the long career of this remarkable artist.

Just finished China Miéville’s _The City and the City_, a very satisfying, even inspiring, book, rich with metaphor and symbolism.

There are clearly two very conflicted subtexts in the film, one centered on Batman and the other on the Joker.

Batman’s supposed internal conflict we are all familiar with — having to take the law into his own hands in order to fight evil — dating back to his first appearance in Detective Comics #37; on the other hand, unlike the ridiculous slapstick Joker that Burton and Nicholson gave us, Ledger pushes his exploration of the Joker’s mercurial psychology into whole new realms of uncharted territory.

Subsequently, I began to receive enthusiastic thank you emails from readers who had lost track of Absolute Elsewhere and were happy to see it back online. It was a great to finally have a tangible lead to the mysterious editor of Absolute Elsewhere!

One of these messages came from Karen Price, who was married to R. Even better, Karen graciously agreed to conduct a wide-ranging interview on the Life and Times of R. Gault, which you can listen to or download here: an interview with Karen Price (May 2012) [] Price_20120524.mp3 Richard Thomas Gault was known to most of his friends as “Ditch” Gault.

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