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In any case, with the end of World of Darkness, it’s hard to see where the genre will go next.We’ll keep this article updated in case of new developments.

Be a player in the game and get a chance to live a fantasy life that otherwise you wouldn't be living.Since 2011, the game’s development had been on-going with a significantly reduced team, and it wasn’t until April of 2014 that the studio decided to finally axe the game.Much like EVE Online, the World of Darkness MMORPG was to be a sandbox experience set in the universe crafted by White Wolf, which has spawned several vampire-themed games for the PC including Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.In this game you’ll play the role of a prince who is trying to find his soul-mate that is trapped somewhere in the castle.If you want to help him to achieve his mission and find the love of his life, you must search for the items that are hidden all across the scenes.

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