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Which I'm not bleeding now, and it's more of a pressure feeling I think. You really should have a dating scan and ask them to check for subchorionic hemotoma/blood clot, they can cause bleeding during pregnancy while your baby is absolutely fine.

Wishing you luck, this will be our second miscarriage if we do receive bad news next week after update scan and blood test.

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I had one in September which I was bleeding with cramps. I've had No bleeding or cramps so we do a follow up scan next week.

So I'm 6 weeks pregnant, I had morning sickness for a week ( throwing up and nausea) and today it went away, I feel fine now.

I just noticed I have a light brown discharge and my lower stomach feels heavy, or like a pressure feeling, I'm not sure if it's cramps, it feels more like pressure. You should be having a dating scan around this time anyhow.

Not the response I wanted but appreciate the response anyway. Ive read that implantation wont occur until your uterus is ready so it makes me wonder if its just coincidence to have a second loss or if its related.

ive read both good stories and bad so im really confused on what to do. Some advice not to but really its what will work for you.

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