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if it have, yeah i hope still with the same actor/tress whose played it :-) I love this drama so much.. Omg this drama is definitely one of my favourite drama of all times. So promising for season 2 even though they aren't likely going to make it ... No one was like TRULY evil where you'd want to practice that not-so-good (in my case) karate moves on. Last episode went fast and was a major emotional turmoil but it gave a nice closure and I liked that. First time watching lee bum soo and yoona on drama. I guess KBS DRAMA AWARDS people disagrees with you alfatunissa, cause they gave Yoona a EXCELLENT ACTRESS award. However, the only good actor in this drama are the prime minister ,secretary kang, chief secretary seo and minister park jun ki. Some people read the comments before they see the drama to find out if they want to waste their time watching it.

i dont know why this drama wasnt rate at korea itself, maybe bcse the theme of the story were focus abt the minister's family story,. just like another commentators hope is this drama have a sequel?? I mean considering the whole situation and what not, I found it fitting and loved it! The chemistry between the leads were amazing, the development was really good and personally I think every cast did a good job at conveying emotions. The chemistry between yoona and kim beom soo was just beautiful to watch. The way I see it, at the end when she puts her hand out first that meant that she was accepting him & planned to stay with him. COMMENTS are for people who seen the drama and comment about what they thought about it.

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i love the story and the casts espescially lee beom soo and im yoona.. So, i hope will coming the 2nd seasons, "president and i" which the main character is both of them ofcourse.. I watched this drama because my ultimate bias was here (Yoona). Albeit, I would have preferred one more lip smacking ; D If you are looking for drama with good development, amazing chemistry between leads, cuteness overload with kids and just a tad bit of hurt/suspense! I admit, I skipped episodes 14-16 (how'd that woman come back was beyond me, I really didn't like her character BUT I pitied her so I settled with ignoring her character). :) Love the beginning of the series funny, fluffy, light, heart warming family story. I thought the drama was great, acting was great, and everything in-between was great, except for the ending. This drama has ended February 4, 2014 so everyone will comment on it as a whole, beginning, middle, and the end. :) during PM's last day on official residence, da jeong said that she will never leave kwon yul if their fate crosses again! A fun, romantic comedy with bit of heart breaking moments. Yet when there are important thing going on, he has other job. For instance,the prime minister keep insisting that he is a busy man , but end up having much time to spare to save yoona from lily association, and to read his child homework.Park joonki got the happy ending even Inho's brother is alive again after long coma and NY as the bad mother got the happy ending , but the real lead couple which is DJ and KY got a flat ending ? I have always Love watching drama with Yoona in whatever drama she is in. Yoona fithing Lee Beom Soo fighting Yoon Si Yoon fighting ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait any more, I want new episode right now I liked this drama until it got to episode 8 which was when I found it boring.the lead actress and actor only arrghhhh handshake without explained me where is the 3 kids and i seriously prefer the ending will be NY and DJ with 3 kids in a good time. seriously, the last 4 episode only talked about NY and i really dislike and hate NY character. Lame Flat ending = no wonder they got low rating (only 6%) if you want do romcom then do it until end . the difference between the man and the father is only 9 years so to put it simply... She is sooooooooooo sweet friendly and show lots of chemistry in her acting. The reason why this drama has really low ratings is because 'Empress Ki' is popular and airs at the same time, and because the age range between Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo.

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