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You had to spend lots of money to take them out on dates and get them to “like you.” You had to be someone other than yourself to try and “trick” the girl into sleeping with you.You are on a level playing field with guys who look like male models.She was a little shy at first, but slowly began to open up to me.She was a single mother (something she had neglected to mention before) who had just broken up with a boyfriend who was a 40 year old guy trying to go to film school, whom she had supported for the last 2 years. ) Eventually, she felt comfortable enough to reveal to me she used to work as a phone sex operator when she was younger.But guys who know how to gain verbal or nonverbal rapport with women, can EASILY and QUICKLY lead them to experience the same emotions with them, that they would experience with a guy twice as good looking. And it would probably STILL be a tough issue, if it wasn’t for fate intervening.In short: Except you don’t need money, fame, ripped abs, or anything else to make Rapport work. Because – it’s entirely dependent on your INTERACTION with women. See, one day a friend and I went out to a local bar.And trust me, ANYONE is capable of interacting with women! I’m a little over-weight, shave my head bald, and have the body of Tony Soprano. I was depressed, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong that was causing my success with women to be stunted.But if I can use Rapport to get some incredible women to choose me over millions of other better looking guys here in LA – without a doubt the most image conscious city in the world – then it’s going to be insanely easy for YOU to get even better results! My friend, on the other hand, is one of those “natural ladies men.” You know the type. I could have KICKED myself for not seeing it sooner. And with it came ultimate power with success with women.

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So we hit a local , and I don’t know if it was just an off-night or something, but most of the girls in the place were COLD AS ICE. By the time I left, she had given me her email address and My Space homepage address.

The reason for this is simple: I can give you more detail and insight into WHY this works with my own experiences, than I can with others who have used the system for their won success.

So I am going to share with you, in great detail, a few of my successes with women using the powerful methods you are about to learn… We then spent the next two hours talking about our love of video games.

It is what makes women comfortable with you, makes them like you, and most importantly – Good looking guys have the advantage of getting nonverbal rapport with women very quickly through their looks.

That’s why attractive men have such an “easy” time getting girls (that’s not always true, but I’m sure it helps).

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