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Investors are paying less for a strategy that many of their peers also find attractive.

That’s economically gratifying and socially validating. Unfortunately, participants cannot count on target-date funds to achieve their objectives.

Indeed, in the case of the target-date strategy, claimed performance is not even indicative of the past.

For instance, relying on stock and bond data going back to 1871, Arnott, Sherrerd, and Wu (2011) simulated alternative paths for a 41-year investment horizon.

Yes everyone is judging each other, but you have as much power in the process as the next person.

You can also reject people and they can reject you behind a sort of smoke screen, so it's less awkward than real life rejection, you don't have to see their responses.

I genuinely don't believe I would have been able to find someone without the help of the internet, I now know that I was looking for the wrong people when dating offline.

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Admittedly, there are a lot of people on there who just want a booty call, which is fine, if that's what you're looking for.In addition, considering the very real desire to consume in retirement (not just having pieces of paper with people’s faces on them to look at), the entire reliance on stocks and bonds at the exclusion of other asset classes is worrisome.That TDF managers are gathering assets may be good news for major mutual fund providers.I didn't know how to find the kind of person I needed." Rob "After moving to London for a new job I worked very much independently in my region, so didn't have many colleagues or peers who I might have been able to date.I enjoyed going out with friends to bars and clubs and trying to meet girls.

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