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Proponents of IVR point to the fact that voice recordings are easier to understand than a text message because you don’t need to be literate to take the survey. At m VAM, we’ve mostly been using SMS but in Zimbabwe, we had the opportunity to compare these two modes.Food security data was collected by both SMS and IVR in August 2016.In the automated data collection space, there are two schools of thought: one favors data collection via SMS, the other IVR.

Check out our blog in Malawi which is allowing us to share the food prices we collect in m VAM surveys with people in Malawi With m VAM, our main focus has been reaching people on their simple feature phones.

So IVR surveys appear have greater reach to worse-off households.

This may be because they do not require literacy or knowledge of Englishas with SMS surveys.

So, welcome to our first edition of our ‘Mind the Mode‘ series.

We have been conducting some mode experiments to find out whether people respond differently to different survey modes: live calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response- that recorded voice asking you to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish), SMS, or face-to-face.

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