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It's a movement, honey." --Oprah Winfrey"Even supermodels have to play hard to get... Not Your Mother's Rules is a smart look at how dating has changed--the Rules still hold true as ever!

" --Cheryl Tiegs I have read a lot of reviews of The Rules that say, “It’s manipulating men,” or “You want a man to fall in love with you, and how can he do that if he doesn’t know who you really are.” Really? I discovered the rules after doing it my way through out college and after a 4 year relationship ended with a guy telling me, “There’s nothing wrong with you, I just don’t love you.” After that relationship ended I went through a series of bad relationships where I was as open and honest as I could be with them and myself and I kept hearing the same thing, “You’re great, you’re just not the one.” I’d meet a guy, spend some time with them --- and just as I start to let my guard down and trust them I’d get basically the same line, sometimes just after a month—most of the time I was sort of like, “um, I don’t think you’re the one either…we’ve only known each other for a month!

Before the night was over, he did not ask for my number, and I did not offer it (if a guy likes you enough, he’ll ask for your number). I didn’t hear from him until Friday the following week.

He sent me a very funny flirtatious text message asking if I wanted to I wanted to go out that same weekend.

Short relationships where the pinnacle of romance is a text instead of a love letter. I wish I would have discovered the rules years and years ago.

For one thing, I would have kicked the aforementioned 4 year time-waster to the curb years ago for being an absolute ass.

And after our date that weekend, I gave him a kiss as thank you for the dinner and great conversation—but left him outside my door.

Later in our relationship, he admitted to me that the fact that I didn’t make it easy for him made a huge impression.

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When we got married a year and a half later(long engagement was intentional) , how surprising was it that in the wedding vows he read to me that it was the best day of his life when I “Finally agreed to go out” with him. I don’t worry one bit if my husband is out this second looking for the next girl.

Because I went up to him, he might of thought I must have really liked him, and maybe we would have hooked up that night…and why would he want to see that girl again (except for easy sex), because who knows who else she picked up at a bar?

Or what if I had simply asked him for his number on New Year’s Eve? Sure we probably would have ended up going to Starbucks for our first date and I would have missed out on him putting all that effort into planning our first date at the little Italian bistro, and he would have missed that opportunity to feel so proud of himself, and we would have instead pleasantly chitchatted.

I would go out by myself if necessary just to be around people. 2 didn’t guarantee I would have a date on the weekends and 5 was less like dating and more like crowd control.

If a guy asked for my number, I would give it to him. If he asked me out too late in the week, very politely, I would decline.

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