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Things get serious in the section where users are asked to identify what kind of annual pass they hold.Anyone can view user profiles for free but if you’re serious about contacting someone, the site requires a .55 monthly membership fee.(Biographers think he also may have been dealing with the painful decline of Elsa, who died of heart and kidney problems later that year.) After Elsa’s death, and faced with the onset of the Second World War, Einstein threw himself into his work.In a letter from Princeton dated July 10, 1938, he told Besso: “I wouldn’t want to go on living if I didn’t have my work.” At the time he wrote that letter, Einstein may have been engaged in one of his most intriguing known relationships—his romance with Margarita Konenkova, an alleged Russian spy.She may also have been a spy (code name: Lukas) tasked by Moscow with getting close to J. In fact, Sotheby’s consultant Paul Needham even discovered references to Konenkova’s work for Moscow in “Special Tasks,” a 1995 book co-written by Soviet spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov.As part of her mission to learn about the nuclear program, Sudoplatov wrote, Konenkova was supposed to “influence” Oppenheimer, as well as “other prominent American scientists she met at Princeton.” Einstein was not directly involved in the Manhattan Project, so it’s unclear what Konenkova might have been hoping to get out of her relationship with him.The “55” nod is a reference to the year Disneyland opened—but of course any true fan would know that.Tavres used to live in Anaheim, even worked at Disney’s premier California park as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad.

Thanks to Besso and Zangger’s intervention, Einstein changed his mind and rescheduled the trip.

Their affair was revealed in 1998, when Sotheby’s auctioned off nine letters written from Einstein to Konenkova between 19.

Although she was married to Sergei Konenkov, a noted Russian sculptor, Konenkova had pursued affairs with the famed composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, among other influential men.

The letters confirm, however, that she introduced Einstein to the Soviet consul in New York.

They reveal no hint that Einstein knew of or suspected Konenkova’s possible spy work, but they do reveal his sappy side.

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