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In 1928 the UK parliament actually passed legislation allowing Easter Sunday to be fixed to the Sunday after the second Saturday in April.The same year, the Australian premiers of NSW, Victoria and South Australia all agreed to pass an act setting a fixed date for Easter, on the same day as the UK.Then in 1929 both South Australia and Western Australia passed legislation setting Easter Day to the first Sunday after the second Saturday in April.However, the international push petered out and the legislation gathered dust.The Secretariat of the Biblical and Theological Commission received 136 comments from hierarchs, clergymen and lay people of the Russian Orthodox Church and set about examining them.The heads of the Christian churches are close to sealing a deal to fix the date of Easter, the Archbishop of Canterbury has revealed, ending more than a thousand years of confusion and debate.Even centuries after Nicaea there were still some standouts – especially in Britain, where Christians insisted on sticking to an old formula.It wasn't until the Synod of Whitby in 664 that the ' Roman Easter' was accepted in northern Britain.

He joked that Christians could say to one another "When did Christ rise from the dead?For example, in 2016 Easter Sunday falls on March 27.Last year it was April 5, and next year it will be April 16.Pope Tawadros has put forward the idea to churches in the Eastern tradition and the Western tradition that it be fixed somewhere around the second or third Sunday of April."We have agreed that we support that." Pope Tawadros had also discussed the matter with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople – the 'first among equals' in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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