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here he shows the poet alcaeus plucking the strings of the lyre as one of the maidens of his chorus sings. but the extraordinary thing is the raptness with which sappho attends to his performance -- and the intensity of her facial features as compared with the insipid cuteness of the young maiden. here's one of my favorite artist's imaginings of sappho. it's a good thing she has her head covered -- she could catch cold out there in that wind. gustave moreau painted 'sappho leaping from the leucadian cliff' in 1864.

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Though littleis known about the life of the Ancient Greek poet from the As the details of Sappho’s life are limited, so are the remains of her work.another important vase painting of sappho, dating from the same period as the foregoing [i.e. this one shows her with alcaeus, another poet who composed in the aeolic dialect.this is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful ancient vases i know.honoré daumier was a great french painter and sculptor.much of his artistic energies went into political cartoons, caricatures, and other humorous drawings.

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