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Antihistamines relieve symptoms by blocking histamine. Some antihistamines may work better than others for your symptoms.

It can be hard to find the one that works just right.

A 2017 literature review concluded that the best current evidence for nonantihistamine/nonbiologic agents is for montelukast and cyclosporine, followed by ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, dapsone, and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

These agents block the histamine response in sensory nerve endings and blood vessels.

Serkalem Mekonnen, RN, BSN, MPH Certified Specialist in Poison Information Case 1: A 13-month-old 22-lb boy was discovered by his mom playing with an empty bottle of Unisom® gelcaps (diphenhydramine 25 mg).Because of its significant sedative properties, it should be given at bedtime.Topical therapy with 5% doxepin cream (Zonalon) or capsaicin may also be used in refractory cases.About 3.5 hours after he was found with the medication bottle, he began having frequent seizures and developed a very fast heart rate and an abnormal heart rhythm.His blood pressure dropped and he had a high fever. Many different medications were given, but he continued to deteriorate despite medical treatment, 11 hours after he swallowed the diphenhydramine. Survival after diphenhydramine ingestion with hemodialysis in a toddler. Case 2: Both the mom and dad of a toddler gave the child a teaspoon of Children's Benadryl within twenty minutes of each other.

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