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SENER carries out the three phases of the solar thermal project NOORo (NOORo I, NOORo NOORo II and III).

SENER's history in solar power goes back to the 1980s, giving it a considerable technological advantage over its competitors.

[ ] Power generation plant of 50 MW located in Talarrubias, Badajoz, Spain.

The technology of the plant is parabolic through collectors. SENER is the EPC risk sharing partner and responsible for the complete desi...

Following NOORo I, SENER is now beginning the works on NOORo II, which is rated at 200 MWe and has molten salts storage capacity, and in which SENER’s second ... Kathu is a 100 MWe thermosolar plant with 250 loops using SENERtrough®-2 parabolic troughs designed and patented by SENER and with a thermal storage capacity of 1.550 MWth, thanks to the use of molten sa...

[ ] Parabolic trough plant Ilanga 1, Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa.

The scanning mechanisms are a keywhich threaten working missions with possible collision.

The only way to control the debris population across key low orbits is to remove large items such as derelict satellites and launcher upper stages.

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The hot oil is used to vaporize water, which, channeled to a steam turbine, drives a generator that injects electrical energy into the grid.contenido tecnológico y está especializada en proyectos llave en mano, que engloban la ingeniería, compras, construcción y puesta en marcha de la instalación, además de ofrecer su operación y mantenimientoestá iniciando las obras tanto en NOORo II, de 200 MWe y capacidad de almacenamiento de sales fundidas donde está siendo instalada la segunda generación de captadores cilindroparabólicos de SENER, el sistema SENERtrough®-2, como en NOORo III, con 150 MWe. Acceso al micrositio A diferencia de las anteriores, esta planta cuenta con una configuración detorre central Buque multipropósito de apoyo submarino. It has completed over 29 plants spread throughout Spain, South Africa, Morocco, and the United States, totaling over 2,000 MWe of installed capacity and saving over a million tons of CO per year.Among them, SENER is part of the EPC building consortium of the Solar Complex NOORo, in Ouarzazate - Morocco, the largest on the planet.

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